Sunday, April 5, 2009

74W is where?

Last weekend, my husband Bob and I embarked on our road trip to Asheville, North Carolina. As I was wrapping up logging my hours for work, Bob decided to map quest our route and print a map. We live in the northern section of Georgia and decided to take the scenic route through the mountains as we had plenty of time to reach our destination before my 7:00 p.m. signing.

One hour into the trip:

Bob: Check the map and let me know where to go?
Julie: (glances at the minuscule square that's supposed to be a "map") Seriously?
Bob: Yeah, why?
Julie: The map is too small. I can't make out the route numbers because of the fat blue line that shows us where to go.
Bob: Oh.

Two hours into the trip:

Bob: We're in Franklin, NC - check the map and tell me where that is.
Julie: (glances once more at the flippin' tiny map, puts on her reading glasses to see if that will help and then glares at her husband) Seriously?
Bob: No Franklin?

Three hours into the trip:

Cell phone rings:

Mother-in-law: Hey we're here. Where are you?
Julie: Seriously?


We did make it well within our time limit. And I'm the first person to tell you that I love the feeling of not really knowing where you're going but knowing everything will be okay. It's adventurous and fun.

Leaving Asheville was an entirely different experience.

Bob: 74W right?
Julie: (feeling smug) Yep.
Bob: Ok. 40W to 74W right?
Julie: (definitely the superior gender) Yep.
Bob: Ok. That sign says 240W to 74W.
Julie: Seriously?
Bob: Yeah. Do I turn?
Julie: Uhhhhh...yep. (decisiveness is always good)

Ten minutes later:

Bob: That sign says we're on 74E.
Julie: Uhhhhh...go that way 40W.
Bob: (cannot print what was said)
Julie: There...that sign says 40W, 74W uhhhh and 26W and 74E. How can we be going both East and West?
Bob: Seriously?
Julie: (cannot print what was said)
Bob: (cannot print what was said)
Julie: (really can't print what was said)

We made it home. We didn't kill one another. And we have learned not to follow what the signs say in Asheville, never to print anything from map quest, and to invest in a GPS system.


Liz Wolfe said...

I'm still laughing. I have NO sense of direction, but The Husband is a natural Ranger. He somehow instinctively knows how to get somewhere -- even if he's never been there before. He says he has a map in his head all the time. My only talent is that I seem to be able to keep track of time. I never wear a watch but I usually know what time it is within ten minutes.
So, how did the book signing go?

Julie Korzenko said...

The signing went great. It was a lot of fun and the bookstore was amazing. You've just got to love the independents.

Eric said...

I won't comment on a husband/wife team trying to find their way, since my wife and I have our own problems. I'm also surprised at myself for not being a follower of your blog already. You should have chastised me by now. It sounds like your book signing was a success, and even though I already have a signed copy (thanks btw), if you ever make it to Denver for a signing or reading, please let me know. I will be more than pleased to stop by and say hi.