Monday, September 10, 2007


A long time ago, in a mind filled with hopes and dreams -- there was a story born. And like my children it grew, gained attitude, ticked me off and finally got booted into the cold hard world of submissions. The book .... not my kids. They were sent to school.

As the creation of Devil's Gold matured, it garnered a nickname. Wolfee. The spelling is due to my husband being unable to buy me vanity plates with the letters Wolfie. The name -- well, that stems from the wolves that propagate several of my chapters. Devil's Gold wasn't the original title. I think it was Moonlight Madness then Heart of the Moon or Heart of the Wolf or some such silliness similar to those titles. And I don't know if Devil's Gold will be the final title. That's pending.

But what it will be -- is PUBLISHED!!! In hardback, no less. A huge feat for a first book, IMHO. I've been at the writing game for just over five years. I think. I've lost track. It's been a hurdle filled with excitement, dashed dreams and heartbreak. I couldn't have done it alone. My husband, my critique partners and all the wonderful online writers have been a constant wall of support.

In the end, I did it with no agent and simply the belief that this book deserved its spot on the shelves. It had been written, rewritten, submitted, revised, resubmitted, rejected and finally requested. What a road full of lessons.

I received a call on September 5, 2007, from Kerry Estevez of Medallion Press. Apparently, they concur. Wolfee will be available for sale some time in 2009. And I am now hard at work on its sequel tentatively titled Angel Falls.