Friday, January 18, 2008

The Big "C"

Cancer has stolen from me but rather than dwell on the unrelenting hideousness of this disease, I thought I would pay simple tribute to those that I miss.

Ken G. -- you were the big brother I always wanted and never had, but you never should have shown my dad how to throw a football. My nose still bears the scar.

Chriss -- gone way too young. I know you have Bob's back at all times.

Kenny -- miss you. miss you. miss you.

Paul -- I never met you but through your wife's words, your life became larger than the greatest action adventure.

And now I would like to raise a glass to the survivors, their courage and perseverance even through the darkest of days. They are heroes, each and every one, in their battle against this invasive monster.

I have placed a link to the right for Patry Francis' website. I don't know Patry. I've not yet read her book. I'm waiting to buy it on January 29, 2008. But her blog is an inspiration, and her determination a reminder of the greatest power in the world -- our faith. The LitPark link will take you to Susan Henderson's blog. She is the powerhouse behind pulling together one of the best internet promotional campaigns I have ever seen. Huge kudos for her effort and all of those involved in showing the world The Liar's Diary.

I invite you all to come back on January 29th -- I will be hawking the book of a fellow writer I have never met. How cool is that?



Patry Francis said...

What a moving tribute you've written to those you lost from this terrible disease.

Thanks so much for your support; and congratulations on your forthcoming novel. I love the cover!

Julie Korzenko said...

Thank you, Patry. I am very much looking forward to reading The Liar's Diary. Best of luck to you. You are truly an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book. I found your blog and web site on the Agent Query site. Thought you might like to know a complete stranger fond your blog. I'm in the process of trying to find an agent for a murder mystery novel. Wish me luck!

Wendy Roberts said...

The Big C is a hateful, evil thing that has stolen people from me too. I loved your tribute.

Julie Korzenko said...

Good luck, Anonymous. Please stop by again.

Thanks, Wendy. I need to add you to my linky thingy...